Casket Rolled into Courtroom in 'Missing Body' Trial

A dramatic twist today in the civil trial against Mission Park Funeral Homes over the disappearance of the body of Julie Mott, when lawyers for the Mott family wheeled a full sized coffin into the courtroom, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Mott family is demanding 'in excess of $1 million' in damages from Mission Park, claiming owner Richard Tipps and the facility on Cherry Ridge on the city's northwest side were negligent in allowing the body of the 25 year old woman, who died in August of 2015, to be stolen as it was waiting to be transferred to the crematorium.

Lawyers for Tipps wheeled in the coffin as part of their talk with the jury to demonstrate the competence of Mission Park employees in handling bodies and funerals.

Mission Park claims that they too were victims of a crime when Julie's body vanished after her funeral.  They pointed the finger at an 'obsessed' former friend of Julie's who objected to her cremation, who has denied the charges.  The Tipps' claim that had they known this person was at Julie's funeral, they would have added more security, but they say they can't be blamed because they were never told the individual was in the funeral chapel, or that he was upset over the cremation.

The Mott family countered by presenting evidence from the owner of the company that does embalming work for Mission Park, claiming that company has an employee who has posted 'satanic' messages on social media.

No charges have ever been filed in the disappearance of the body, and the body has never been found.


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