Son of Donald Trump Endorses Son of "Low Energy Jeb" in Texas Race

Donald Trump, Jr is wading into the hotly contested race for Texas Land Commissioner by endorsing incumbent George P. Bush, the son of the man Trump's father labeled as 'Low Energy Jeb' during the 2016 campaign, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bush is facing a strong Republican primary challenge from former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, and political analyst Cal Jillson of SMU tells News Radio 1200 WOAI in a low turn out party primary, that could move the needle in Bush's favor.

"It's a Republican primary, so its a very conservative, fairly small electorate which is well disposed toward Donald Trump," Jillson said.

The endorsement could help Bush regain the very conservative voters who are angry at him over his plan to 're-imagine' Alamo Plaza.  Traditionalists are outraged that Bush's original master plan contained a wild proposal, now dumped, to build a plexiglas wall around Alamo Plaza, and also proposed moving the Cenotaph out of Alamo Plaza to the banks of the San Antonio River. Bush is also walking back that idea.

Patterson is making gains on Bush by pounding on the Alamo plan, saying we need to preserve and respect Alamo Plaza, not 're-imagine' it.

"This is a hotly contested primary, where that Trump endorsement might help, at least a little bit," Jillson said.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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