San Antonio Traffic Congestion: Not Too Bad

Quit complaining when you're stuck in traffic.  

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports San Antonio's traffic is pretty smooth, according to the annual global study of traffic congestion by the firm 'Inrix.'San Antonio's traffic is 42nd worst among nearly 300 US cities studied.  Our traffic is on a par with Monterey California, which is number 41, and Lowell Massachusetts, which is 43rd worst in the USA.

Inrix says San Antonio motorists spent 6% of their total driving time stuck in traffic congestion in 2017, and we lost 25 hours last year stuck in traffic during morning and afternoon rush hours.

There are plenty of examples of far worse traffic around the state.  Houston, Dallas, and Austin all rank among the 15 worst cities in the country which it comes to traffic congestion.

Los Angeles, not surprisingly, has the worst traffic congestion in the world, followed, interestingly, by Moscow.  New York City is the third worst, followed by Sao Paolo Brazil, San Francisco, Bogota Colombia, and London.

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