Store Manager Senselessly Shot in Violent Robbery

The night manager of the Auto Zone store was senselessly and unnecessarily shot during a violent armed robbery at his store on the city's west side overnight, police tell News Radio 1200 WOAI.

Police say a gunman in his twenties walked into the Auto Zone in the 7500 block of Marbach Rd, just east of Jay High School, and shot the 31 year old man in the chest without saying a word.  Police say the manager didn't resist in any way, he was simply moving to greet what he thought was a customer when the man shot him.

The robber then ordered a second employee into the back room and forced him to open the safe.

When the robber had scooped all of the cash out of the safe, he tried to shoot the second employee as well, but his gun jammed.

The robber then stopped to find and pick up the shell casing of the bullet he fired at the manager, put it into his pocket, and then ran out of the store and ran down Marbach.

The victim was rushed to University Hospital with no vital signs.

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