Innocent Bystander Shot in Gun Battle Between Two Cars

Police say a woman is in critical condition after she was caught in the crossfire between occupants of two cars who started shooting at each other in a west side parking lot early today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say the woman, in her twenties, was walking past the 7-11 store at Zarzamora and Culebra about 2:30AM when occupants of two cars started yelling at each other in the store parking lot.

Then, police say people in both cars started shooting at each other and the woman, who was a completely innocent passerby, took a bullet in the chest.

It's not known whether anybody in either of the cars might have been shot.  The cars sped away, one up Culebra and the other up Zarzamora.

The woman was picked up by EMS and taken to University Hospital where her wounds are said to be life threatening.

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