LULAC's President Threatened with Removal for Supportive Letter to Trump

The League of United Latin American Citizens is in disarray, with calls for the organization's president to step down or be removed, after President Roger Rocha said what was perceived as a supportive letter to President Trump, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In the letter, Rocha 'congratulated' Trump in a 'reasonable framework on immigration reform and border security.'  He 'thanks' President Trump for 'taking the lead' on immigration, and promises LULAC's support for 'making your vision a reality.'

LULAC's rank and file immediately blasted Rocha as a 'traitor,' called the letter 'disgraceful,' and the hash tag #FuertaRocha (fire Rocha) is trending on social media.

LULAC's National Council, San Antonio attorney Luis Vera, tells News Radio 1200 WOAI Rocha's comments are being taken out of context.

"When they say that we 'gave into the President,' they are dead wrong," Vera said.  "Where does it say in the letter that we want him to spend $25 billion for a cement wall?"

Particularly angry are leaders of LULAC's 'Young Adult Council,' which is made up largely of DACA recipients who are demanding a 'clean DACA renewal,' meaning renewing DACA without commitments on border security, family migration, or the Visa lottery."

He realizes that he could have written this letter better or provided a little more explanation, yes," Vera said.  "But he wanted to get it out, and he got a seat at the table."

The debate over Rocha's letter demonstrates the 'no compromise' attitude that people on both sides have taken in the immigration debate, an attitude that got Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer pilloried as a 'weak' and a 'caver,' when he agreed to re-open the government last week without promises on DACA.

Hard-line border security activists on the Republican side, led by conservative pundit Ann Coulter, are also calling for President Trump to stand firm on immigration, and to build the border wall and to get rid of what they call 'chain migration' and the Visa Lottery.

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