Six Flags 'Wonder Woman' Coaster Nearly Open for Business

Crews at Six Flags Fiesta Texas have driven the 'golden bolt' into the Wonder Woman roller coaster track, which means the groundbreaking new ride will be open for business next month, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Its very innovative, its one of a kind, it is an in-line coaster, which means you only ride on a single I-beam rail," the park's Sydne Purvis said.

She says riding on a thin steel 'monorail' means, unlike the traditional 'railroad style' track, you won't be able to see the track beneath you, which will enhance the sensation of flying.

The cars will also have the passengers riding in line rather than side to side, which is new for a roller coaster.

She says Wonder Woman will also feature the first ninety degree vertical drop at Fiesta Texas, and the monorail design will enable a wide variety of twists and turns that will excite coaster fans.

"There will be a number of inversions, there will be airtime hills, there is that ninety degree drop, the whole look of it will be entirely different."

Six Flags Fiesta Texas will open its season later this month, and Wonder Woman will be open for business in March.


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