Is Texas Sliding Into a New Drought?

The latest Drought Monitor indicates Texas may be sliding into another drought, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Fully 79% of the state is listed as 'abnormally dry' or worse.  This is barely five months after Hurricane Harvey caused record flooding across the Coastal Bend and the Houston area.

What bothers forecasters is today's drought monitor looks worse than the drought monitor for the third week of January in 2011.  That went on to be the dryest year in Texas history.  By the summer, we had the horrible Bastrop Complex fire, the worst wildfire ever in Texas, and it was the beginning for three years of drought.

Today, the dry conditions run from San Antonio mainly northwestward, with the worst conditions in the Panhandle.

Having drought conditions this early in the season will also make it difficult for farmers in some areas to plant healthy crops.

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