Tamiflu Demand has Quadrupled at Area Pharmacies

What's the hottest drug in town today?  It's not opioids, or meth, local pharmacists say their biggest business today by far is in Tamiflu, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Pharmacist Nicole Scoquist says with San Antonio seeing super high flu rates, and the flu vaccine proving to be less than effective for many people, her Tamiflu sales have quadrupled in the past month.

"The vaccine being less effective than anticipated has created an increased need for Tamiflu, because of the higher rates of flu in the community," she said.

But Scoquist says Tamiflu is not a vaccine against the flu, it will not prevent you from getting it, or even make the flu go away once you get it.

She says what Tamiflu can do is make your date with the flu as lot less miserable than it otherwise would have been.

"Tamiflu stops the progression of the flu in the body," she said.  "And if taken within 48 hours, it can lessen the seriousness and the duration of the flu."


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