Urban Nightmare for Lost Couple on the West Side Early Today

An urban nightmare for a couple on the west side early Sunday, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say the man and woman got lost, so they decided to pull into a parking lot on Cupples Rd just off Highway 90 to check their bearings and their GPS.

That's when the trouble began.The couple saw two cars block the only entrance to the parking lot.  Two armed men got out of the cars and approached the stranded couple.

The man with the gun jammed it into the face of the male driver and told him to get out and fork over all his valuables.

Meanwhile, the other man, armed with a knife, began banging on the woman's passenger side door and screaming at her to hand over her purse.

When she refused, he yanked open the door, stabbed the woman, and grabbed the purse.The men then ran away.  

The couple drove to a nearby gas station to call 9-1-1 since the men had stolen their phones, as well as $500 in cash in the woman's purse.

The couple was not seriously hurt.

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