Really, Stanford Band? Poking Fun at Whataburger?

The Stanford University Marching Band, which is known for its cheeky performances, didn't take the slogan 'Don't Mess With Texas' seriously during last night's Alamo Bowl half time show, and got roundly booed by the crowd for their trouble, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The band's half time routine started out by making fun of the 'alternative facts' that there is 'nothing normal about Texas.'  They poked fun at 'Texas wildlife,' including, appropriately, the horned frog, which just happens to be the mascot of Alamo Bowl rival TCU.

The band also ventured into the political, blasting the proposed border wall.

"If you try to build a fifty foot wall along the entire southern border, the cost of it would only pay the tuition of about 20 million college students," the band announcer said.  "Yikes."

But it was when the band started mocking Whataburger that boos rained down from the stands."We all know and love Whataburger," the announcer said.  "A fast food chain that only serves 'What?' and 'a burger.' At that point the announcer was drowned out by boos from the crowd.

Whataburger got in the last word, demolishing the Stanford Band with one tweet:

Its not clear if there's a connection between the two, but TCU was down 21 to 10 when the Stanford band started mocking Texas, and roared back in the second half to grab a 39-37 victory.

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