Fireworks Are Legal Across the County, but the Fire Marshal Urges Caution

With the damp conditions we've seen this month, fireworks are legal across Bexar County, but Fire Marshal Chris Lopez says his officers will be watching out for unsafe or illegal use of fireworks, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Lopez says the wet weather may cause hidden problems, because underbrush has been growing, and it may be hidden by the green.

"Even though we have had moisture and growth, and there is a lot of green out there, but what a lot of people don't realize is there is a lot of dead, dry undergrowth under all that green," Lopez said.

He says while fireworks, which are illegal inside the city limits of all incorporated communities, are legal in unincorporated Bexar County, the unincorporated county is far less rural than it used to be, especially since San Antonio has stopped annexing new areas.

And Lopez says that means your bottle rocket could easily land on a neighbor's home, which would leave you in a world of hurt

."If it causes someone's home to burn, that could be a second degree felony, and that is a very serious offense," he said.  "You're looking at fifty years in prison, that kind of time there."

Not to mention the fact that you will undoubtedly be sued by the neighbor whose house you damaged, and have to write checks from your prison cell.

Lopez says, while used properly and under supervision, fireworks are a lot of fun, he says there are common problems he sees.

That includes people who want to 'check out' a dud, and even pick it up and light it again, causing it to blow up in their face.  He sees people who have tried to make their own fireworks, carry fireworks in their pocket (ouch!) and even shoot off fireworks indoors.

"If you view unsafe use, please call us," he said.  "We will be out there and patrolling.  We want people to have a good time, but they have to do it in a safe manner."

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