Tax Protester Stubbs Dies

C.A. Stubbs, the World War II veteran and tech industry pioneer who emerged in the 1980s as a populist champion for smaller government and lower property taxes, has died, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. He was two weeks shy of his 95th birthday.

Stubbs, a native of Dripping Springs, was a pioneer in the 'punch card technology which developed during the war, and later was a pioneering IT specialist with several San Antonio firms.

But it was as a taxpayer advocate that Stubbs was best known.. With his bolo tie and populist appeal, Stubbs would bring a banjo to City Hall news conferences, where he would strum tunes before the assembled media.

His Homeowner Taxpayer Association, became an effective counterpoint to the Henry Cisneros administration, and remained a powerful force in issues ranging from the Applewhite Reservoir to this decade's downtown streetcar battle.

Stubbs was also a  presence at the Texas Legislature for a decade, campaigning for lower taxes, through the Texas Association of Concerned Taxpayers, which he  helped start, and he was also active in Citizens Against Government Waste, the national taxpayer advocate.

Mission Park Funeral Home says services are set for Friday at St John's United Methodist Church on Bandera Rd.


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