UPDATED: Boy Shot in Schertz Pursuit Identified

UPDATE: The Medical Examiner today identified the boy who was shot to death as KAMERON PRESCOTT, aged 6.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar says there is no indication that a woman who led deputies on a chase through Schertz that ended in her and a  six year old boy being shot to death was armed when deputies opened fire on her, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"At this point we don't have any indication there was a weapon found at the residence," Salazar said.  "They are still conducting a search of the residence."

But Salazar says the woman, who has not been identified, did threaten to shoot deputes on several occasions during a two hour pursuit through Schertz that began when a resident reported the woman had stolen his car.

"The suspect was known to have several outstanding felony warrants," Salazar said.  "One of the deputies made contact with the suspect, and the suspect said to the deputy, 'I have a weapon, I'm going to shoot you'."

At that point the woman ran out of the mobile home, and Salazar said 'several times' the suspect had pointed a weapon at the deputy.

He says during the two hour chase, a law enforcement officer in the helicopter reported seeing the woman 'reaching toward her waistband' as if to reach for a gun.

He says finally, the helicopter officers see the woman in the Pecan Mobile Home Park, trying to break into homes.  They cornered her on the porch of a mobile home.

"Something in the way the suspect presented to the deputies placed these deputies in fear for their lives," he said.  "They fired several shots each at the suspect."

He says the suspect was killed instantly, and one of the bullets tore through the wall of the mobile home and struck six year old Kameron in the stomach.  He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

Salazar says if the woman didn't have a gun, it is possible that it was a bullet from a deputy that shot and killed the little boy.

"There are four deputies that fired," he said.  "We will have to determine which of the deputies, if it were in fact one of our deputies who fired that round, or those rounds, which one of them it came from.  We'll have to narrow that down."

Officials say the woman was wanted for several felony warrants.

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