Google Promoting High Speed Fiber Internet Through Public Art

Google is promoting the roll out of super high speed Google Fiber Internet service in San Antonio with a 'scavenger hunt' which will also promote public art, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Tyler Wallis, the City Manager for Google Fiber in San Antonio, says Google Fiber has been working with local artists on a unique project that will boost their work, and the image of San Antonio as an art friendly community.

"Google Fiber believes that citizens should always be inspired and empowered to create a better city and a better future, and that public art has a central role in the process," he said.

Under the #TheHuntForFiber program, people will be encouraged to seek out public art and take a selfie of themselves in front of it.

People who post using the hash tag can be eligible for prizes from Google.

Nik Supe, a prominent local muralist, says it is a perfect way to promote the public art which is becoming more and more a symbol of the city.

He says the project will allow artists to use the power of Google to make sure everybody worldwide is aware of the art of San Antonio.

"We used to only have magazines to share things with," he said.  "Now we have the Internet, and you want to see what your friends are doing around the world."

He says the project will also help promote San Antonio art worldwide and raise the profile of the city, which is already known for its vibrant public spaces, and internationally known mural artists like Jesse Trevino.

"When you do a mural, that is public art, and we get to share it with everybody," he said.  "And now, that's not just people in our immediate community, we get to share it with people around the world."

Google Fiber last month announced the first rollout of high speed Fiber Internet in Westover Hills and in one west side neighborhood.  New areas for Good Fiber expansion are expected to be unveiled before the end of the year.




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