Can You Solve the Malinois Mystery?

San Antonio Animal Care Services is trying to crack the Malinois Mystery.

Spokeswoman Lisa Norwood says a Belgian Malinois was found in a cruelty investigation in a home on Espinoza Street, which is near Burbank High School southwest of downtown, in a starving and emaciated condition.

The female dog was suffering from malnourishment and extensive hair loss.

She has a tattoo on her right ear with the letters B-H-K-E-D-E.

Malinois are routinely used as military working dogs, in police work and with Homeland Security, but Norwood says they have checked with Lackland Air Force Base, which trains many military working dogs, as well as with the TSA and the National Dog Registry and has come up empty.

She says anybody who can identify this tattoo can help investigators find the person who abused this dog, which has obviously served her country and deserves better.Call 3-1-1 if you have any ideas.


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