Another Legal Claim Made in Sutherland Springs Shooting

The lawsuits are beginning to pile up in connection with the massacre at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs last month that left 26 people dead, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Ward Family, which had Joann Ward and her daughters Emily Garcia and Brooke Ward killed and a second daughter critically wounded in the November 5 shooting are suing the Academy Sports and Outdoor store in San Antonio which sold the gunman the Ruger Rifle he used in the attack.

The lawsuit says the attack would not have happened and the three would still be alive had Academy not sold the weapon to the gunman.

Academy concedes selling the gun, but says it followed all legal procedures by first checking the FBI's data base of felons and other individuals who are not eligible to buy firearms, and not finding his name on it.

The Air Force has admitted that it failed to enter the gunman's name onto the data base after he was Court Martialed for domestic violence, an offense which should have disqualified him from buying weapons.

The Ward family is seeking $25 million in damages.Earlier this month, another family which had several members killed in the shooting, filed a complaint against the U.S. Air Force, saying the service's negligence in failing to properly enter the gunman's name in the data base led to the shooting.


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