Real Life Grinch Charged With Stealing Packages off Porches

Police say they have arrested the real life Grinch who, at least Tried to Steal Christmas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

David Ramirez, 27, was arrested last night on charges that he stole boxes off the front porches of homes, and out of unlocked cars.

"We recovered several recently stolen items from the neighborhood," Officer Michael Thornton said.  "Altogether the gentleman confessed to fifteen package thefts and nine burglar of a vehicles."

Thornton says detectives told Ramirez that he was 'ruining Christmas for a lot of people.'

"They don't care what is in these boxes," the officer said.  "If its nothing that they want, it goes into the trash. If its something they can sell, they sell it to a pawn shop or whatever."

Ramirez is charged with evading arrest and theft.

Thornton said some of the items that Ramirez allegedly stole were found inside his home, and it will be returned to the people it was stolen from.

"Maybe those people can have at least an OK Christmas."

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