Gas Prices Under $2 are Back in San Antonio!

An old friend has returned to town--gas prices under $2 a gallon are back!

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports it isn't uncommon to find gas being sold in metro San Antonio for less than $2, especially on the northeast side, with prices as low as $1.93 found.

Daniel Armbruster of AAA Texas says the Christmas president at the gas pump comes as prices generally continue to fall.

"San Antonio is still one of the lowest in the state, averaging $2.10 this morning, which is about four cents lower than a week ago," Armbruster said.

And he says compare this with an average of $2.70 we were paying for gas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the bizarre 'gas panic' that followed.

Armbruster says the sub $2 prices will be spreading in the weeks ahead.

"Market analysts anticipate that prices will continue to drop, as we head into the Christmas and Hannukah season," he said.

The price of gas generally bottoms out around mid February, so that means we have plenty

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