Hundreds Gather for the Funeral of San Marcos Officer Copeland

Hundreds of police officers from around the state packed San Antonio's Community Bible Church today for the funeral of San Marcos Police Officer Ken Copeland, who was shot to death last week as he attempted to serve a felony warrant in San Marcos, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Today is the time when we know that life as we have known it has changed and will never be the same," said Pastor Bill Glasgow of Officer Copeland's home church, Solid Rock Church in San Marcos.

Copeland, who was a graduate of Sam Houston State University, and a former Texas Correctional Officer and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy, was buried in San Marcos following the ceremony.

Friends and fellow officer talked about Copeland's openness, love of people, and how people who 'didn't really think too much of police' enjoyed dealing with him.

Life long friend and fraternity brother Joe Fratangelo joked that he liked to call himself Ken Copeland's best friend, but after talking with so many people at the service, that 'is a title I now very willingly share.'

"If you needed him he was there," Fratangelo said.  "He was dependable as the sunrise.  His work ethic was beyond reproach.  If more people were like him, the world be a better place."

Also speaking at the funeral was a U.S. Coast Guard Admiral.  Officer Copeland had served in the Coast Guard Reserve for nearly twenty years, and was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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