Abbott Orders Ranger Probe into Sexual Misconduct in Juvenile Prisons

Governor Abbott is asking the Texas Rangrs to investigate alleged sexual misconduct in the Texas Juvenle Justice Department, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

At a Legislative hearing earlier this month, allegations were raised of sexual assault, sexual relations between juvenile prisoners and guards, and other prohibited activities.

"Recent reports of sexual misconduct by state employees at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department are reprehensible and necessitate an appropriate response," the Governor said.  "Action is needed to guarantee the protection of the youth in the care and custody of the State of Texas."

At the Legislative hearing, some lawmakers said the problem of sexual misconduct in the juvenile prison system is so widespread that the entire system should be 'blown up' and rebuilt.

Newly named TJJD Executive Director Camille Cain was also instructed by Governor Abbott to work with the investigation, to make sure the state's children are protected, and 'carry out the agency's mission to transform young lives and create safer communities.'

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