Man Fails Spectacularly in Attempt to Rob Macy's at South Park Mall

The world's worst jewel thief is under arrest following a comically inept attempt to break into the jewelry case at the Macy's in South Park Mall, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police got a call for a 'shooting in progress' at the mall last night.When officers arrived, they saw on surveillance video that a man had tried to use the butt end of a gun to smash his way into the jewelry cabinet, what police call a 'smash and grab' robbery.

Despite banging on the jewelry case, the man couldn't break it, so he actually fired a shot at the case.  That didn't work either, and then the man grew frustrated and ran away.

But of course he didn't get far.  

The suspect was cornered by police and store security right across Southwest Military Drive from the mall and was charged with criminal mischief and he was also booked for several active warrant.

A man store security through might be the incompetent robber's lookout man ran off.After all that, the man ended up empty handed.

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