Father Shoots, Kills, Armed Robber Inside Southeast Side Restaurant

For the third time this week, a legally armed citizen has stopped crime in its tracks, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  

This time it was with deadly results.

Police say a man was sitting in the Popeye's Restaurant on Southeast Military Drive having a quiet dinner with his kids Wednesday night about 9, when a gunman walked in and attempted to rob him.

The man told police that he refused to give the gunman any money, and the gunman then started waving the gun wildly around the restaurant, screaming that he wanted their money.

The restaurant employees ran out of the dining area toward the back room.

Police say when the gunman started pointing his gun at the man's kids, he pulled his legally carried handgun and fired one shot, killing the gunman instantly.

No word on why the wanna be robber targeted that restaurant.The father is the holder of a weapon permit and will not face any charges.

Early Tuesday, a car burglar was shot and wounded by a resident of a north side apartment complex, and early on Wednesday, a man with a gun permit prevented four men from pulling off a home invasion at his northeast side house.

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