"Killer Nurse" Jones to be Arraigned for Five Murders Thursday

"The Angel of Death" is about to face the "Lady of Justice."

Genine Jones, Texas' infamous 'killer nurse,' will appear in court in San Antonio Thursday morning to be arraigned on five counts of murder in connection with the deaths of five children and babies who died at what was then called Bexar County Hospital, now University Hosptial, in the early 1980s, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Jones is almost set to finish serving a sentence she received in 1984 for the murder of little Chelsea McClellan in Kerrville, where she was working as a nurse in a physician's office.  She was sentenced to 99 years, but under laws then in place designed to relieve prison overcrowding, Jones must be released on March 1, 2018.

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood says he won't let that happen."My goal is that she takes her last breath from behind bars, that she meets the Lord from behind bars," he said.  "That's justice, justice calls for that."

LaHood's investigators have put together cases against Jones for these five murders, and he says more murder charges are possible.  She is suspected in as many as sixty child deaths, murders committed so she could be perceived as being the 'comforting force' who consoled the distraught parents in their time of need, a condition called "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy."

LaHood says he will do what is necessary to make sure Jones remains in prison.

"Evil is evil is evil," he said.  "All I know is that these children were stolen from families, stolen from this world, history was changed.  She needs to be held accountable, and this is the process to do it."

LaHood said he would be open to a plea bargain, but he wouldn't say what that would entail.

He says he can't charge Jones with Capital Murder, which is a punishment for people who murder children under the age of 6, because these murders were committed under laws in place in the 1980s, before the crime of Capital Murder was created.

"This is an enormous step to secure justice for these slain children, their grieving families, and for our community as a whole."

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