Cornyn Bill Would Block 'Dreamers' From Deportation

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn is introducing a bipartisan bill to end the debate over the Delayed Action for Childhood Admissions (DACA) program by protecting the so called 'Dreamers' from deportation, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Cornyn's SECURE Act also includes several upgrades to border security, and reauthorizes the E-Verify program, which allows employers to check the immigration status of job applicants.

But the key is a provision which will not allow 'Dreamers' to see a path to citizenship, but will allow them to avoid deportation."

This bill provides a real, bipartisan solution for those brought here by their parents illegally who now find themselves in limbo," Cornyn said.  "The SECURE Act gives us the chance to both help these young adults, and win back public confidence by securing out borders and enforcing our immigration laws."

Cornyn says the bill also includes additional human and technological resources along the border, and fencing in certain areas.It provides more judicial resources to reduce immigration court backlogs and target fraud, and also eliminates so called 'Sanctuary City' policies and expedites the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants.

'Dreamers' are young people who came to the U.S. as minor children with the illegal immigrant parents.  Supporters of legalizing the 'Dreamers' point to the fact that, just like an infant strapped in the car seat of a getaway car, they did not break any laws, and many have no connections to their parents' place of origin, and many don't speak the language.

Supporters of legalizing the 'Dreamers' say U.S. taxpayers have paid to educate them in public schools, and the U.S. should be the beneficiary of that education.

The bill is designed to break a logjam over border security, immigration and the future of DACA which has existed in Congress for years.  President Trump forced the issue earlier this year by ending DACA after six months, and calling on Congress to come up with a 'permanent solution.'

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