Google to Get the Boot From 16 City Parks

Google will get the heave-ho this week from 16 City parks and other City properties the giant company had been allowed to lease to build the so-called 'Google Huts' which are the backbone of Google's super high speed fiber Internet network, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The City and Google have reached agreement to cancel Google's rights to occupy all but one of the locations. which are mainly city parks, fire stations, and the grounds of public libraries.

When the Google 'hut' started going in Haskin Park, a pocket park in the Northwood area on the city's northeast side, residents fought back.  They said the 'hut' was far larger than they expected, and  not only did it squeeze out much of the park, it also emitted noise that was audible to nearby neighborhoods.

Google and the City had reached an informal agreement to stop construction of the huts on City property.

There was also a concern that City parks, which are paid for by taxpayers for the enjoyment of City residents, were being taken over by a massively wealthy private company like Google.  Many said, like companies ranging from AT&T to Toyota, Google should lease private property for its local for-profit operations.

The only City park where Google will continue to have a presence is West End Park in the 1400 block of North Hamilton.

Google is moving forward with its high speed fiber service, and recently began hooking up businesses and residents near West End Park, as well as in Westover Hills.

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