Marathon Maniac Macon to Hit Marathon Milestone Sunday

San Antonio attorney Larry Macon, the city's resident 'Marathon Maniac,' will make history this weekend, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Macon will run in Sunday's 10th annual 'Rock and Roll Marathon,' which will be his 2,000th Marathon, more Marathons completed than any other person in the United States.

"I've run thirty Marathons in thirty days in a row, I've run two Marathons in a day on a number of occasions," Macon said.

The prominent local attorney, who will turn 73 next month, often jokes about how he started running Marathons by accident.  He recalls joking with other lawyers at the Courthouse one Friday when everybody was discussing their weekend plans, and Macon casually commented that he planned to 'run a Marathon.'

That started him on a path to worldwide recognition for running the most Marathons.

He says it is not unusual for him to run a Marathon in the morning, hop on a plane and fly to another city, and run a Marathon there.  He has run multiple Marathons in every U.S. state and in several foreign countries.

He jokes that he doesn't let his love of Marathons get in the way of his law practice.

"During the Boston Marathon three years ago I conducted a conference call while I was running," he said.

Macon says he doesn't run Marathons to win them.  He says he has won some Marathons, but he reserves the right not to reveal how many participants there were in those races.

He says he runs Marathons largely because he loves runners."Marathon runners are really good people and they are incredibly optimistic," he said.  "Of course, you have to be optimistic and a little bit crazy to think you can actually run 26 miles."

After Sunday's Rock and Roll Marathon, Macon says the next goal is to plan for Marathon number 2001.

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