Charles Manson Dead

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One of the world's most notorious mass  murderers is dead.  Charles Manson died Sunday evening at a hospital in  Bakersfield, California, where his health had been deteriorating.   Manson was the son of a prostitute and started getting into trouble at  an early age. He would later spend most of his adult life in prison. It  was in the 60s in San Francisco that he began to assemble what would  later become his "family."  Manson had an uncanny, almost mesmerizing  ability to attract followers with a combination of his charismatic, but  controlling, personality combined with a knack for sizing up people's  weaknesses and exploiting them.

It was Manson's desire to ignite an  apocalyptic race war, which he called, "Helter Skelter," that led to the  infamous Tate LaBianca murders.  On August 9th, 1969, members of the  Manson family killed actress Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant  at the time, and four others.  The next night, they killed Rosemary and  Leno LaBianca.  Manson was convicted of murder and sentenced to death as  were members of his "family". But his sentence was commuted to life in  prison when the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty in 1972.    He was 83.

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