Massive Main Break Leaves Thousands on the Southwest Side Without Water

A massive water main break early today has left several thousand homes, businesses, and schools on the city's far southwest side without water, and the water isn't coming back any time soon, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We have been working on it, but unfortunately the system has lost pressure and the tank is empty," Anne Hayden of SAWS said.  "Unfortunately we will not have water service for some five thousand customers for about ten hours, and then we will have a boil water notice after that."

Hayden says officials will put together a bottled water distribution point in the area today.

The area affected is between Applewhite Rd. on the south, and I-37 on the west.

She says there is no sinkhole danger from the water main break.

"It was old infrastructure from the Bexar-Met days," she said.

Hayden says a new pump station that would have avoided today's outage is under construction, but hasn't been completed.

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