AT&T Expanding Super High Speed Internet in S.A. Metro

Demand for super high speed fiber Internet service in San Antonio has prompted AT&T to expand its Internet 1000 service to a quarter million homes and businesses across the metro area, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

AT&T spokesman J.D. Salinas says the service allows faster, more efficient operation of more devices, especially as the 'Internet of Things' wires everything from our clothing to our kitchen appliances.

"Streaming entertainment, live video interactions and constant online engagement are part of every day lie for our customers today," he said.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg says, more and more, access to high speed internet service has become a quality of life issue.  

"Helping to ensure our residents have access to the ultrafast speeds of a competitive fiber market will not only enhance our quality of life but our growing economy as well," he said.  "Access to high-speed internet will help create new jobs, enable our small businesses to continue to grow and thrive, improve access to educational opportunities, and ultimately provide connections that enhance lives.

"High speed internet enables not just the downloading of 25 songs in one second, but more efficient on line conferences and telecommuting.Residential AT%T Internet 1000 service costs $70 per month when bundled with other AT&T services, or $80 as a stand alone service.

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