Texas Capitol Confederate Monuments Under Scrutiny

Lawmakers in Austin are looking to follow San Antonio's lead and have a robust discussion about a handful of confederate monuments that litter the State Capitol grounds, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Let’s talk about the context in which it's there, who brought it there, why it was brought there and why it's something which we should revere in public space," State Rep Joe Moody tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

A fellow Democratic Senator has taken exception with a plaque that challenges the idea that the South separated from the Union over the issue of slavery.

"To me, that's an easy example," Moody says. "That should be removed. That's factually inaccurate. We should not have factually inaccuracy things posted in our public spaces.

"While not calling for a straight removal, Moody (D-El Paso) wants a conversation about the different public memorials.  This shouldn’t be a political issue, he says. Rather a historical one.

In a statement, Governor Greg Abbott says that tearing down monuments will not erase our nation's past, and it doesn’t advance our nation's future.

In San Antonio, the debate over removing the statue in Travis Park is expected to hit the city council's Governance Committee mid-September before heading to the full council.

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