Historic Church is Now 'One Stop Center' for Veterans Services

The City of San Antonio today opened its long awaited 'one stop shop' for veterans in an historic church on the city's east side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach and Transition Center opened in the building occupied a century ago by the Cornith Baptist Church, one of the centerpieces of the growth of the city's African American community.  In 1948 the building became a segregated hospital, and it closed when medical facilities were integrated.  Now, it will become a facility where all returning veterans can come to obtain up to the minute information about all the medical, educational, and housing benefits available to them because of their service.

"Equity is not just about economic disparity or racial disparity but our veterans," Councilman Cruz Shaw said.  "They have contributed so much to this country."The center will be owned by the City of San Antonio and operated by St. Philips College.“The impact and reach of this center will expand well beyond the Eastside and will impact the lives and future generations of many veterans and their families,” said Dr. Adena Williams Loston, St. Philip’s College President.Northeast side Councilman and Air Force Veteran Clayton Perry says this facility will provide critical services to a valued segment of the city's population.“San Antonio is Military City USA and home to one of the largest populations of active duty military, veterans and crucial military commands,” Perry said.Veterans will also be able to recieve additional benefits like notice of job opportunities at the Center, and St. Philips will provide job training, financial counseling, and health and wellness services at the center.

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