Massive Liquid Meth Bust on the Border

Remember how making us sign out for pseudophedrine at the drug store was supposed to crush the meth market?  How's that working out?

Customs and Border Protection says it seized $681,000 in liquid methamphetamine at the Gateway International Bridge in Browsville.

Agents say they referred a pedestrian who was walking across the bridge for further checks, and found the 26 year old U.S. citizen was carrying 34 pounds of liquid meth in soda bottles in his backpack.

He was arrested and the meth was seized.

The changes in pseudophedrine laws, which came in 2006, did cut down on illicit bathroom 'meth labs' in the U.S., but it has provided a bonanza for the Mexican drug cartels, which have rushed into the meth business.

In fact, the cartels now see meth manufacture and distribution as one of their growth industries, along with human smuggling.

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