State Lawmakers Take David's Law 'Anti Cyberbullying Pledge'

They were swearing in the State Capitol today, but it was all for a good cause.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports that, led by State Rep. Ina MInjares (D-San Antonio) several lawmakers took the anti cyberbullying pledge which is part of David's Law, the comprehensive law allowing school districts and local police to fight on line bullying.

"I pledge to never use my device as a weapon," the lawmakers said, raising their hands and pledging to affix the David's Law sticker to their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

David's Law, which passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate in May, allows police and school districts greater latitude to unmask cyber bullies, including tracking down the IP addresses of bullies' computers, and seeking out cyber bullies even if they are not in the school district or local government's jurisidction.

It also allows the victims of cyber bullying to sue the bullies in civil court, and requires school districts to create, and enforce, anti cyber bullying policies.

"This pledge matters because anonymous, on line postings increases the ways which cyber bullies can use on line postings to target students," Minjares said.

The law, and the David's Legacy Foundation which is helping to pass the word about the dangers of cyber bullying, are named for David Molak, an Alamo Heights teenager who killed himself last year after relentless cyber bullying.  David's mom Maurine was on hand for today's pledge.

Minjares says the on line bullying is in many ways worse than the schoolyard bullying that Baby Boomers remember from the seventies and eighties.

"These students are unable to escape their bullies when they leave school each day," she said.  "Even if their phones are turned off, someone they know may see the on line comments and videos and notify them."

iHeartMedia is working with David's Legacy Foundtion to help spread the anti on line bullying message at concerts, appearence, and other radio station events.

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