Words of the Declaration of Independence Will Ring Out Today in S.A.

By Morgan Montalvo


San  Antonio criminal defense attorneys will congregate on the Bexar County  Courthouse steps at noon today for an out-loud reading of the  Declaration of Independence.

Adam  Kobs, a local lawyer who's organizing this year's reading, says the  annual event publicly underscores the importance of challenging power in  the name of justice for "whoever is interested and wants to hear these  important words again."

Kobs  says the Declaration readings began eight years ago in Harris County,  and the document was chosen for its references to higher authority,  "particularly the first few sentences."

"It's  very important," says Kobs, "It talks about the laws of Nature, and  Nature as God. It talks about how these laws came from the Creator. It  talks about rights."

Kobs says attorneys organized the local readings in 2012.

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