Bulverde 'Pot Pilot' Pleads Guilty, Could Get 20 Years

Marijuana plant detail

A man who attempted to land a plane full of pot at the Bulverde Airport could find himself grounded..for the next twenty years, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Wayne Brunet, 64, pled gulty to possession with intent to deliver up to 100 kilograms of marijuana in connection with his ill-fated flight.

In March, Brunet was flying a small plane from California into Texas, when federal officers noticed there was something suspicious about the aircraft.

"He was on a lfight path that had proven to be a flight path for other suspicious aircraft that might be transporting illegal substances, or something else," Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Devlin said.

Brunet realized he was in trouble when he attempted to land early in the morning of March 20 of this year at the Bulverde Airport, which is unmanned at that time of the morning.

Brunet noticed law enforcement waiting for him at the airstrip, so he did a 'touch and go,' and took off again.  He flew to the Lago Vista Airport near Austin, but, sure enough, police were on the scene there too.

Running low on fuel, Brunet landed at the Llano Municipal Airport, parked the plane, and attempted to run into the night, but he was arrested by State Troopers.

Inside the plane, they found 15 duffle bags filled with vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana along with $5400 in cash.

Brunet has been in jail since then, and when he is sentenced later this year, he could get 20 years in prison for his ill fated flight.

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