Bexar County Jail Escape Attempt Foiled

An escape attempt was foiled at the Bexar County Jail this morning, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says a 32 year old inmate who was being held on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession managed to get into the ceiling above the mental ward of the Jail building about 3:30 this morning.

"We called in SAPD, we called in several of our tactical units, we set up a perimeter around the jail, just to make sure," Salazar said.  "They continued to do the search within the building, and we found him within the ceiling tiles."

Salazar says there is really no way to get out of the jail by crawling into the ceiling.

"He did try to escape.  He got up into the ceiling, but, unknown to him, there are precautions built into the building.  He was contained, he just didn't know that."

Salazar says the man, identified as Steven Guidry,  is now back in a secure unit of the Jail.

He says the Jail, which was opened in the mid 1990s, is an 'older building' and a security review and 'expensive' upgrades may be needed.

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