VIA Unveils Mobile App to Buy Bus Tickets

One of the biggest headaches of taking the bus is having to root around in your pockets for cash to put into the fare box, so VIA Metro Transit is getting around that, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

VIA today unveiled its new mobile smart phone app, called goMobile, which will allow riders to purchase bust tickets, passes, and group fares on the phone, and have the fare automatically billed to a credit card on file.

"Now you can buy a bus ticket just as easily as you can buy a concert ticket," VIA President Jeff Arndt said.

He says the goMobile app is part of a series of 'technological advancements VIA has introduced to enhance passenger amenities and modernize the agencies programs and services.'

The app was designed by moovel North America, a subsidiary of Germany's Daimler Benz.  It allows riders to purchase fares at any time, and store them on the phone until they are needed, ending the chances that the tickets will be lost.

"The digital ticketing process expedites boarding and reduces the ned for cash and transfer cards," he said.

Arndt says the rider only needs to show the phone to the driver to get on board.  It will also make the buses safer, because there will not be nearly as much cash on board.

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