San Antonio Named Safest in the USA for Online Dating

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It's okay to swipe right.

A study done by Safewise, the home security company, has listed San Antonio as the safest city in the country for online dating, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Safewise studied cities over 100,000 population and took into consideration everything from rates of STD to FBI violent crime statistics.

New York City and Portland were the second and third safest cities in the USA for on line dating, according to the study.

"Along with having the top safety score, San Antonio also ranked number one for the fewest STD cases per capita. It only saw fifty-five cases per 100,000 residents. San Antonio ranked seventeenth for violent crimes per capita, but its rate of STD cases is still low enough to put the city in the top spot on this list," Safewise said of the city.

What are the most dangerous cities?  Let's just time you find yourself in Buffalo New York, you might want to keep your phone in your purse.



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