Robust 'Bathroom Bill' on the Agenda for Special Session

Protestors Rally Against Transgender Bathroom Rights Repeal

The Texas Legislature will debate a robust bill designed to limit transgender bathroom rights when the Special Session begins in three weeks, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

State Sen. Lois Kohlkorst (R-Brenham) will introduce the same measure which was passed easily by the Senate and stalled in the House during the regular session.  It will limit the use of public restrooms and school restrooms and locker rooms to the gender on the person's birth certificate, allow companies to make their own decision on restroom use, and allow organizations that lease public meeting and event spaces, like the NCAA at the Alamodome during next spring's Final Four, to make their own decisions about who will use their restrooms, allowing them to bypass so called Non Discrimination Ordinances' passed by cities.

“I was proud to lead the way in protecting women’s and children’s right to privacy during the 85th Legislative session," said Sen. Kolkhorst. “The overwhelming majority of Texans agree that privacy, safety and dignity must be preserved in public showers, locker rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms. I thank Governor Abbott for his leadership and I look forward to crafting thoughtful privacy legislation with he and my fellow lawmakers on this sensitive issue.” 

 Kohlkorst, who was a pioneering athlete in college, says allowing biological men to use women's college locker rooms and shower with the female athletes has the potential to undo all of the advances made by women under Title IX, simply because woman won't participate in college athletics because they won't want to deal with the invasion of privacy.

But business and tourism groups will be fighting hard against the 'Bathroom Bill' in the upcoming session.  They say approval of the measure would 'send a signal' that Texas is not a welcoming and diverse place, and would cost millions of dollars in lost revenue in conventions and businesses.

The bill has been placed on the Special Session agenda by Gov. Abbott who says he will push for its passage.


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