City Taking Several Steps to Fight Global Warming

A week after San Antonio City Council voted 9-1 to continue to implement the Paris Climate Agreement, the City has taken several steps to help fight global warming, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Key is a new project between UTSA and CPS Energy to investigate ways to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The research will help the utility in evaluating future opportunities to maximize new energy solutions to have the greatest positive environmental impact on San Antonio, while economically meeting the neds of our expansive metropolitan community, according the CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams.

"The valuable information will allow us to continue to be a leader in our industry and serve the people in Greater San Antonio, with the reliability, cost, and environmentally conscious way they expect us to," she said.

CPS Energy is already an acknowledged leader in sustainable energy production.  It has made major strides in both solar and wind power, and recently made the decision to decommission dirtier burning coal fired power plants and invest in a power facility burning far cleaner (and now cheaper) natural gas.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg says a city which takes the lead in fighting climate change is an economically successful city.

"Let's not give into the false choices that make us decide one or the other, we understand that here in San Antonio," Nirenberg said.  "Climate preparedness means a stronger economy."

You many not believe in climate change, but Maj. Gen. Juan Ayala (USMC, Ret) says the U.S. Military does, and climate change vulnerability more and more is being used as a criteria when decisions are made to close bases and move missions.

"Extreme weather patterns have threatened to close military bases around the world," Gen. Ayala said.  "At last count, it was about 130 of them."

He says everything from increased vulnerability to flooding to dust storms and drought is threatening the ability of the bases to complete their missions, and Gen. Ayala says the Pentagon will be looking for locations which have taken action to ameliorate climate change to move those missions to.

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