The City's Best Known 'Biker Bar' is Rebranding

The city's most famous 'biker bar' is changing its image, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

When Hills & Dales Ice House opened thirty years ago on Loop 1604 at Babcock it was in the middle of nowhere, but now that it is surrounded by neighborhoods and right across the highway from a bustling UTSA, owner Justin Vitek says the bar which bills itself as 'the Center of the Universe' is undergoing a makeover." 

Yes, we know we're not the "old" Hills and Dales and we are not the "biker bar" we're a bar for EVERYONE!" Vitek wrote on Facebook.

For years it was not uncommon to see rows of Harleys and Indians lined up in front of Hills & Dales, as the bar relished its 'biker' image

.But Vitek says the goal now is to attract more college students, families, and regular people. "We accept EVERYBODY no matter, size, shape, color, ethnicity, religion, taco preference, or how you like your steak prepared, hell we'll even accept Vegans!" he wrote.

Vitek says bikers will still be welcome, but he says the new Hills & Dales will welcome all patrons with a friendly atmosphere, and he says he'll be glad to have long time customers tell stories about the bar's colorful history to all the newcomers.

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