Voters Welcome New S.A. City Council During Riverwalk Ceremony

By Morgan Montalvo


San Antonians by the  hundreds on Wednesday evening heard collectively from their newly  elected - or re-elected - local representatives during a Wednesday  evening swearing-in ceremony downtown at the Arneson River Theater.

The outdoor event, the  first of its kind in recent memory, allowed supporters to see  the councilmembers who will serve the Alamo City through mid-2019.

Six council seats and  the mayoral race were decided in early June run-off elections, including  the mayoral contest between incumbent Ivy Taylor and ultimately  successful District 8 councilman and challenger Ron Nirenberg.

Many in the  audience, like District 3 voter Mary Ann Ramos, were in attendance to  show support for Nirenberg and, in Ramos' case, for incumbent  councilwoman Rebecca Villagran.

Ramos, who  said she volunteered on the Nirenberg campaign, described him as "the  mayor for all of the city, for all of the people and that's what's most  important to all of us, especially the south side - that we always get  forgotten about, so that's important to us."

Ramos'  friend and fellow Nirenberg supporter Denise Flores, who lives in  District 1, said she also supported Nirenberg because of what she sees  as his Left of-Center political stance.

"I know it's  a non-partisan office," Flores said, "but I'm glad that he's a little  bit more of a Progressive, especially on some of the social issues and  some of the environmental issues that he's willing to step up on."

Flores said she also will be looking for her returning District 1 Councilman, Roberto Trevino, to support Nirenberg's agenda.

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