H-E-B's Butt Named Among Top CEOS in the Country--By His Employees!

Charles Butt, the publicity shy CEO of H-E-B, has been named one of the twenty top business executives in the country in votes taken by his employees and compiled by the web site 'Glassdoor.com,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Glassdoor survey, according to the site's Scott Dobrowsky, lists Butt, 79, as the 16th best CEO in America today among the thousands studied by the site, and the top CEO in Texas.

"H-E-B employees really say he is very transparent as a leader," Dobrowsky said.  "He has found a way to communicate with his work force, from his store employees up to his upper level employees."

The comments on the Glassdoor survey praise Butt and the work environment at H-E-B that he is credited with creating.One wrote "It's not a job, its a cause!" and praised H-E-B and Butt for "Culture, leadership, great pay and benefits - job has a purpose." When asked 'cons,' the employee responded 'none that I can think of.'

The Glassdoor survey ranks Butt ahead of flashy CEOS like the leaders of Google and Microsoft, and up with Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg and SpaceX's Elon Musk.

"Its not a huge surprise when we look at these themes shared by H-E-B employees," Dobrowsky said.  "We see Charles Butt at number 16, with a 97% approval rating, and he actually went up last year."

Don't expect a statement from Butt in response.  The H-E-B boss, whose grandmother founded the company, is known for being publisity shy.  In fact, when 1200 WOAI named Butt as one of the 'most influential people in San Antonio back in 2014, an H-E-B executive actually called and asked that he be removed from the list.

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