Lawsuit Filed Against City of San Antonio Over Police Sex Scam

A Live Oak woman who says she was victimized by two San Antonio Police Officers in a sex scam is filing a major civil rights lawsuit against the officers, and the City of San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The lawsuit claims that 'a pattern of misconduct, sexual assault coverup and rape by oppression is persistent and widespread' in the San Antonio Police Department.'

The 26 year old woman, listed in the lawsuit as Jane Doe, says she was one of some twenty women, mainly residents of the Live Oak area, who were victims of the scam, pulled off by now former officers Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa.

In the scam, the officers told the women they were 'chosen' to work on a critical undercover operation, but first they had to 'prove their fitness' for the task by, among other things, having sex with Galindo and Chapa.

The women said they checked out Galindo and Chapa, and, after they found out they were actual police officers, they agreed to their demands.  Jane Doe said in the lawsuit she had 'unprotected sex' with Galindo on his orders because she was afraid of 'the consequences of saying 'no' to a police officer.'

The officers also promised the women they would receive huge sums of money for participating in the non existent 'undercover operation.'

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages from the City of San Antonio for failing to properly train, supervise, and discipline the officers, leading to the scam and Jane Doe's victimization.

Galindo and Chapa were both convicted and are serving prison sentences.The woman seeks unspecified damages from the City.  

There were some twenty women who were victimized by the scam, so additional civil rights lawsuits against the taxpayers are a possibility.


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