Texans Divided About 'Bathroom Bill'

Protestors Rally Against Transgender Bathroom Rights Repeal

A Texas Tribune, University of Texas poll out today shows wide differences among Texas about the 'bathroom bill,' which will be a key measure discussed by state lawmakers at next month's Special Session, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports

.Gov. Abbott has asked lawmakers to discuss a proposal to restrict the use of public restrooms and school bathrooms and locker rooms to the gender on the individual's birth certificate.The poll shows that Texans, by a 47% to 44% margin, say the 'bathroom bill' as it has been called, is not needed.

But those numbers change when you survey by political party.  Among Democrats, 53% say the 'bathroom bill' is 'not important and only 35% support it.Among Republicans, 54% say the bill is 'needed' and when you restrict the polling to Tea Party Republicans, fully 70% say the 'bathroom bill' is needed.

Supporters say without restrictions, sexual predators will use the cover of 'non discrimination ordinances' passed by cities to protect transgender rights to enter women's restrooms and assault and molest women and girls.

Opponents say there is nothing stopping sexual predators from entering women's rooms now, but incidents of 'bathroom crime' are very low.  A woman and a girl are in more danger from a sexual predator on a public street than they are while they are in a women's restroom.

Opponents also wonder how the law would be enforced, whether people would be stationed at bathroom doors to check birth certificates.

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