Gasoline Prices Fall as Higher Stockpiles Spook Markets

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices

The price of gasoline in San Antonio has fallen four cents a gallon in the past week, and more drops are expected in the coming weeks, after the Energy Information Administration reported today that gasoline stockpiles are actually up substantially in the past week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

This at a time of year when summer vacation drivers are generally burning up fuel on the roads, and prices are rising toward their high point of the year, which generally occurs in early July.

Crude oil inventories, while down from last week, are up sharply from this time last year.West Texas Intermediate crude fell below $45 a barrel this morning on the news, the lowest price in six months, before bouncing back slightly.

Some economists are warning that another oil price crash could be on the way, as demand is falling at a time when production, especially non OPEC production, is increasing.  

The EIA says for the first time in May, more than 10% of America's electricity generated came from alternatives like wind and coal.

The San Antonio average price of gas today is $2.09 a gallon, down form $2.13 on Wednesday of last week.

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