San Antonio is Expected to Pledge to Continue to Fight Climate Change

The United States may have pulled out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, but is looks like San Antonio will stay in, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Mayor-Elect Ron Nirenberg is expected to sign San Antonio up with a growing number of U.S. cities which will pledge to keep up with the goals of the Paris accord, including moving to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the city's carbon footprint.

And local businesses say they will do their share as well.

At Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Texas, which is the largest manufacturer in the region, spokeswoman Melissa Sparks says the President's action will have no impact on thier effort to reduce emissions.

"On our campus we have 2,000 acres that we have plans to be as environmentally conscious as possible," she said.  "We have water recycling on our campus, we have solar panels on our campus."

Several major American companies have already announced plans to continue their efforts to fight climate change, despite the country's official exit from the Paris agreement.

"We use LED light bulbs so we save a little money, we recycle the water that comes out of our air conditioning," Sparks said of Toyota.  "We take small steps and large steps to make sure we are monitoring our carbon footprint."

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