Police: Woman Made Up Story of Two Children in Carjacked Vehicle

San Antonio Police now say that a woman made up a story about her two children being in a vehicle that was carjacked from the parking lot of an east side motel, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The 19 year old woman also gave police a fake name when she reported her car stolen from a motel parking lot in the 700 block of South W.W. White Road about 3AM.

Police say names of the children that the women provided to police is also 'no longer accurate."I'll tell you that she was probably intoxicated to some degree," Police Sergeant Jesse Salome said.

Detectives started saying that things didn't add up when they didn't find anything in the car that would have been used by a two year old and four year old child, no car seats, no children's toys, and no other toddler paraphernalia.

Police are also looking into the entire story the woman told, about being carjacked while she was meeting a man she met on Craig's List.

A woman at the apartment where the car was found said the two children do exist, but they were with the woman's boyfriend at the time, and they were never in her custody.

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