'Worst Intersection in San Antonio' Set for Rebuild

San Antonio City Council today approved an $18 million project to upgrade one of the most baffling street corners in the city, the intersection of Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway on the northeast side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In reality it isn't an intersection at all, because, as Councilman Mike Gallagher put it, you can't get there from here.

"Right now, if you're traveling north on Harry Wurzbach, you have to drive through the H-E-B parking lot to go north on Austin Highway," he said.

The project will turn this into a real intersection.

"It also is a very important message that we are sending to Ft. Sam, that we are here to support their personnel and their mission," Gallagher said.  He said this will be another way San Antonio can show a future Base Closure Commission of its support of the military missions.

The intersection is just north of the main gage of Ft. Sam Houston.

Councilman Ray Lopez says the intersection improvements will help access into the Army post, and into the San Antonio Military Medical Center.  He says he knows veterans who have missed their doctors appointments, because they were stuck at the Austin Highway, Harry Wurzbach intersection.

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